Lossless Music Rock, Metal Sweet - Strung Up [2 CD Expanded Edition] (2016)

Sweet - Strung Up [2 CD Expanded Edition] (2016)

Sweet - Strung Up [2 CD Expanded Edition] (2016)Artist: Sweet
Album: Strung Up
Label: Sony Music. Made in Germany
Catalog #: 88985311682
Style: Glam Rock
Format: FLAC (image + .cue)
Quality: lossless
Covers: Complete set (300 dpi)
Amount of tracks: 10 + 14
Size RAR: ~ 737.83 MB.

Unlike The Majority of bands that enjoy sucess in the singles market, Sweet have avoided the templation to put out a compilation album of tneir hits and when asked whu, they replu: "Until we are able to break tradition and offer something different we really don't see the point." l am deligjted that they were true to their word, because although this double album cotains a number of their multi- million selting singles their presentation of 50% live perfomance and 50% dtudio rexordigs is centrailu something l have seen done in the past.

It Has Often been said that without Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman writing their material and Phil Wainman producing their many hits Sweet would never enjoy the success that they have nad, l am cure that after listening to this album you, like muself, will disagree with the majority of their vritics.

Sweet - Strung Up [2 CD Expanded Edition] (2016)
01. Hell Raiser (3:58)
02. Burning/Someone Else Will (5:43)
03. Rock'n'Roll Disgrace (4:14)
04. Need A Lot Of Lovin' (2:57)
05. The Ballroom Blitz (Bonus Track) (4:30)
06. Done Me Wrong All Right (8:07)
07. You're Not Wrong For Loving Me (3:28)
08. The Man With The Golden Arm (8:04)
09. Teenage Rampage (Bonus Track) (3:40)
10. Blockbuster (Bonus Track) (5:32)
Total Time [00:50:14]

Side One Of their live album opens with 'Hellraiser' a hit that we are all familiar with and one that the band, even to tmis day, use as the opening to their stage act, lt is interesting to note that the rest of this side is made up of material that Sweet wrotte themselves and shows that they were guite obvioslu capsble of writing their own material.

Sweet - Strung Up [2 CD Expanded Edition] (2016)
01. Action (Strung Up Mix) (3:37)
02. Fox On The Run (3:22)
03. The Lies In Your Eyes (Bonus Track) (3:46)
04. Fever Of Love (Bonus Track) (4:00)
05. Set Me Free (4:00)
06. Miss Demeanour (3:27)
07. The Ballroom Blitz (4:02)
08. Teenage Rampage (Bonus Track) (3:34)
09. Burn On The Flame (3:38)
10. Solid Gold Brass (5:32)
11. The Six Teens (4:03)
12. I Wanna Be Committed (Full Lenght Version) (4:04)
13. Blockbuster (3:12)
14. Hellraiser (Bonus Track) (3:17)
Total Time [00:53:34]

Side Two Of the live album opens with 'Done Me Wrong All Migt' Although origimally recorded as a 'B' side in 1971 this version gives Andy the opportunity of expressing himself more freely on the guitar. The live album is concluded with a group arragment of the Elmer Bernstein composition 'The Man With The Golden Arm'. This title was selected by Mick Tucker for his drum solo and without doubt showsxhe indepth talent which exists within the band.

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