Dust - Soulburst (2016)

Artist: Dust
Album: Soulburst
Label: Attitude Recordings. Made in Sweden.
Catalog #: ATT201603
Style: Hard Rock
Year: 2016
Format: FLAC (tracks + .cue)
Bitrate: 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
Covers: Complete set (300 dpi)
Amount of tracks: 09
Size RAR: ~ 297.88 MB.

Not to be confused with the 70s namesakes, who released two albums. These Swedish retro rockers should however appeal to the fans of the aforementioned. Dust’s first effort really struck like me a sledgehammer! Outstanding 70s sounding riff oriented hard rock with a touch of the mighty Badlands. The debut was a self-financed affair, while they have now been picked up by the appropriately named Attitude Records. This is also, I was told by one of the members, why they decided to re-record two songs from the debut. This means that for us “old” fans this release features seven new tracks to suck on.
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Muse - Origin of Symmetry (2001)

Origin of Symmetry (2001) Artist: Muse
Album: Origin of Symmetry
Label: Taste. Made in Japan.
Catalog #: CTCM-65001
Style: Alternative Rock
Year: 2001
Format: Flac (image + .cue)
Bitrate: 16 bit / 44.1 kHz
Covers: Complete set (600 dpi)
Amount of tracks: 12
Size RAR: ~ 428.42 MB.
Альбом британской альтернативной рок-группы Muse — Origin of Symmetry, вышедший, В 2001 году. Это второй студийник группы. От первого дебютного альбома «Showbiz» он отличается звуком с явными экспериментами во всех треках.
Домиником Ховардом расширин комплект ударных, а в треке «Megalomania» Мэттью Беллами применил орган, из-за этого песня редко исполняется вживую.
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