Lossless Music DVDA / ADVD / DTS / Multi-channel Gary Moore - Back To The Blues (2001) [DVD Audio Silverline]

Gary Moore - Back To The Blues (2001) [DVD Audio Silverline]

Gary Moore - Back To The BluesGary Moore - Back To The BluesArtist: Gary Moore
Album: Back To The Blues
Label: Silverline. Made in US.
Catalog #: 288080-9
Style: Blues Rock
Year: 2001 (Released 2003)
Format: DVD-Audio (ISO+MDS)
Audio:: MLP 5.1 24/96, DD 5.1
Covers: Complete set (96 dpi)
Amount of tracks: 10
Size RAR: ~ 2,97 GB.

DVDA-Gary Moore - Back To The BluesDVDA-Gary Moore - Back To The Blues
1. Enough Of The Blues (Moore)
2. You Upset Me Baby (Bihari/King)
3. Cold Black Night (Moore)
4. Stormy Monday (Walker)
5. Ain't Got You (Carter)
6. Picture Of The Moon (Moore)
7. Looking Back (Watson)
8. The Prophet (Moore)
9. How Many Lies (Moore)
10. Drowning In Tears (Moore)
Total Time [00:53:29]

This reissue:
24 bit/96 kHz DVD-Audio and 24 bit/48 kHz Dolby Digital 5.1 Options (No stereo mix)
Product development: Anna Rambeau
Remixed in 5.1 and mastered at 5.1 Studios, West Los Angeles, CA
Development Assistant: Dave Zelaya
Authoring: Eddie Escalante at 5.1 Production Services
Quality Control: Randy Glenn
Voice-Over Talent: Jannelle Guillot

Gary Moore - Back To The Blues (2001) [DVD Audio Silverline]

source - Ozzy9111

Теги: Gary Moore

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